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First Contact: Opel Insignia ecoFLEX 1.4 Turbo

Of the nearly 400,000 units sold to date, the vast majority belong to the Sports Tourer estate version in combination with the 2.0 CDTI diesel engine of 160 hp. This diesel has become especially popular among people who travel a lot because it has a good performance while consuming less than five liters approved. In addition to the 1.4-liter turbo engine, which also mount the Astra and Meriva, the Insignia range now gets a gasoline engine even closer to that perfect relationship between power and consumption.

As usual in those engines that have been subjected to a reduction in engine capacity, thanks to the boost this engine offers January 40 hp and a torque of 200 Nm, available between 1850 and 4900 returns. Compared with the 1.8 engine of equivalent power, thanks to the increase in torque has also been successful in reducing the acceleration time in half a second (now 10.9 seconds), although the maximum speed has been weakened by 2 km / h (now 205 km / h). However, what is more important is the sharp decline in consum o Opel figure 2 liters. Thus, the authorized consumption is now 5.7 liters (5.9 liters in the case of the family model) of gasoline per 100 km.

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Opel Insignia: update

The Opel Insignia can be considered a true success story of the European subsidiary of General Motors. In fact, this is the model that has given the necessary stability to the brand. With over 400,000 units sold since 2008, has received over 50 awards for design and quality, including the prestigious Car of the Year. With new engines and advanced technologies available to customers, the Insignia is set to continue his brilliant career in 2012.

The main novelty of the revamped engine range is the 1.4 Turbo 140 hp ecoFLEX. This is the most economical gasoline engine mid-market segment and replaces the previous 1.8-liter version of the same power. Combined with a six-speed manual gearbox, the standard equipment of the Insignia ecoFLEX 1.4 Turbo technology includes Start / Stop (stop-start system feature to save fuel), electric power steering fairing underneath the car and low resistance tires rolling.

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2012 Opel Insignia presentation and test in Germany

In the dynamic presentation could test two new versions of the new Opel Insignia, the 1.4 Turbo 140 hp and 250 hp 2.0 Turbo, exclusive all-wheel drive. It was not possible to prove any diesel version this time. Undoubtedly the most interesting is the engine first, so I will comment first.

The old 1.8 16v 140 hp air is removed from the range, while stocks can be found at good prices. Now all the engines are Turbo Insignia, the gas also: 1.4 Turbo (140 hp), 1.6 Turbo (180 hp), 2.0 Turbo (220-250 hp) and 2.8 V6 Turbo (325 hp). It is a clear trend in the industry, at least in Europe.

This engine promises a consumption of only 5.7 l/100 km for gasoline, according to Opel D segment-best fuel with this power. Even the VAG Group's 1.4 TSI homologous as low consumption. According tab, 0-100 km / h in 10.9 seconds, is not a good figure, including the Toyota Prius takes advantage on this measure (and has no record value, precisely).

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Opel Insignia: new features to enhance the success

The Opel Insignia rival Toyota Avensis and the company has garnered over 50 international awards since its inception and others such as the Annual Report Defects Dekra 2011, which has given a score of 96.1.

Now, the Insignia gets new equipment and engines. Among the former, the Opel Eye system extends signage reading functions (detection of traffic signs and lane tracking, distance to the vehicle above, collision warning and audible warning to avoid rear-end collisions), and there are new browsers like options "logbook" and separation of individual trips or with their respective points of interest en route.

Mechanically, the brand has worked on the drag coefficient Cx, especially in the Sports Tourer family, now of 0.30 result of the incorporation of front and rear bumpers increase lower than 80 mm in length (4.91 meters). Here, also, the tailgate has received modifications like electric opening (used to adjust the angle) from the remote. Within the range benefits from new upholstery.

News in ... http://www.abc.es/20110919/motor-novedades/abci-opel-insignia-novedades-para-201109191206.html

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Opel Insignia, a reference

After three years on the market, the Opel Insignia comes to renovation. Even more efficient new engines, new ecoFLEX gasoline and interesting improvements of equipment are the keys to this new model is already for sale on the Spanish market for 23,290 euros.

The launch of Insignia in 2009 was for the German unc, managed to position this model as one of the sedans sold in Europe. In addition, the study prepared by DEKRA German Insignia is the least defects of all vehicles is analyzed by this organism.

News in ... http://www.elconfidencial.com/motor/2011/09/10/opel-insignia-una-referencia-83974/

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