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2012 Opel Insignia presentation and test in Germany

In the dynamic presentation could test two new versions of the new Opel Insignia, the 1.4 Turbo 140 hp and 250 hp 2.0 Turbo, exclusive all-wheel drive. It was not possible to prove any diesel version this time. Undoubtedly the most interesting is the engine first, so I will comment first.

The old 1.8 16v 140 hp air is removed from the range, while stocks can be found at good prices. Now all the engines are Turbo Insignia, the gas also: 1.4 Turbo (140 hp), 1.6 Turbo (180 hp), 2.0 Turbo (220-250 hp) and 2.8 V6 Turbo (325 hp). It is a clear trend in the industry, at least in Europe.

This engine promises a consumption of only 5.7 l/100 km for gasoline, according to Opel D segment-best fuel with this power. Even the VAG Group's 1.4 TSI homologous as low consumption. According tab, 0-100 km / h in 10.9 seconds, is not a good figure, including the Toyota Prius takes advantage on this measure (and has no record value, precisely).

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