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ST Opel Insignia ecoFLEX, a saloon and dynamic economic

Audi is working with the E models, Mercedes hangs on to the Blue Efficiency, Volkswagen has its BlueMotion and Efficient Dynamics is the green language of BMW. To aspire to be positioned as a premium brand in the current scenario, and Opel is a strong candidate, it is unthinkable that your range does not have a good array of models with high environmental concerns, and since 2008, Opel has its own distinctive efficiency ecoFLEX.

The increase in the efficiency of driving is the workhorse of all techniques used today with this laudable objective, since the recovery of braking energy, the devices for automatic start and stop or hybrid technology, but to get them to assess their consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, Opel uses much more mundane systems in their most commercially successful model today.

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