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Opel Insignia OPC Unlimited

This special edition, named Unlimited, becomes the production model Opel fastest in history. This name, translated into Castilian as 'unlimited' does justice to the feature that distinguishes it from conventional OPC Insignia: electronic speed limitation is eliminated, and this sports sedan reaches the 270 km / h, adding 20 km / h that were castrated at the production version.

A few changes plus OPC insiginia Unlimited, apart from the blue logo on Brembo brake calipers, and a review of the clocks of the speedometer and rev counter, which acquire an even more exclusive and sporty. It also appears that the German mark also add a unique tone matte black.

News on ... http://motor.terra.es/novedades-coches/articulo/opel-insignia-ocp-ultimited-edicion-especial-61829.htm

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