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Opel Insignia OPC VXR: 273 km / h on Insignia OPC VXR

Recover the legendary Lotus Carlton based on the Omega, the Insignia VXR OPC is capable of launching a sedan with no less than 273 kilometers an hour. A limited version, and so far only the British.

The Opel Insignia OPC VXR is a worthy successor to those of Lotus Carlton Omega, a real beast on the road, his power was of 377 hp V6 engine for the Opel 24v Garrett adds two turbochargers. An authentic past that reached 283 km / h. We are talking about the 90. But now as things are talking about 325 horsepower and reach 273 km / h seems a lot. But well, not yet reached the levels of its predecessor, the new Insignia VXR OPC presents seems sweet. Will be available with the manual and automatic, both as a family sedan. Outwardly little detail what differences, blue calipers with brembo seal new interior and weighed for odometer and clock speed and a different design.

News on ... http://www.automovilzona.com/2011/05/06/opel-insignia-opc-vxr-273-kmh-en-el-insignia-opc-vxr/

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