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Opel sales up in first half by 8.2% for the Meriva, Astra and Insignia

Frankfurt (Germany), July 6 (Thomson Financial) .- The German car manufacturer Opel sales in Europe rose in the first half by 8.2% to 659,000 units due to strong demand from the Meriva and Astra SportsToure r.

Opel, owned by U.S. company General Motors, reported today that the market share rose to 6.4% versus 6.2% in the first half of last year.

Opel sales in Germany increased between January and June a 17% to 20,000 units, representing an improvement in market share to 7.7% (7.4% last year).

The Sales Director of Opel, Alain Visser, said the good reception of Astra and Meriva and less SportsTourer Corsa, Antara and Insignia.

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